Whether you’re surfing the web on your laptop or your smartphone – with this Airtel 4G Hotspot you can enjoy 4G speed on up to 10 Wi-Fi enabled devices.

Best in Class Wi-Fi Experience.
Model Namee5573cs-609
Sales PackageWi-Fi Data Card, USB Cable, Battery, Manual and Warranty Card
Voice SupportNo Call Support

3 more rows

How to connect my mobile to an Airtel 4G Hotspot?

  • Connect Airtel 4G hotspot from mobile or Laptop with the default WiFi password
  • Open a Web browser and type IP Address.
  • Use the admin/admin for login username and password in hotspot router.
  • Go to Settings tab from top menu
  • Now go to System- Modify Password

How to unlock Airtel 4G Hotspot?

Unlock Airtel hotspot e5573-606

  1. Turn your Device off, wait for a while, and turn it on.
  2. Open dc-unlocker and run it. In Select manufacturer, select Huawei modems and then click on the magnify glass to search. …
  3. Now to Fix the IMEI Number, copy the Below command in dc-unlocker, below the ======== and press enter on keyboard. …

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Can I use other network SIM in Airtel hotspot device?

Yes. The Airtel 4G hotspot devices is not locked for the Sim card, but It is locked only for the network. Just simply replace any other Airtel sim card whether it is prepaid or postpaid, it will work smoothly. Network Automation Can Be Complex.

How to make phone calls with an Airtel 4G Hotspot?

  • After entering into the homepage of your router click on the settings option.
  • Then you can able to configure the configure profile settings.
  • How to Setup and Configure Airtel 4G WiFi Hotspot Router –
  • And then choose for the WLAN option from the left side options.
  • In that SSID option delete the default name in it and choose the name as you required.

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Which is best hotspot device?

The best mobile hotspots right nowJetpack 8800L. Best mobile hotspot for Verizon. … Nighthawk LTE Mobile Hotspot. … Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot. … Netgear Nighthawk M5 5G WiFi 6 Mobile Router Unlocked. … Inseego 5G MiFi M2000. … Netgear Nighthawk 5G Mobile Hotspot Pro. … Inseego MiFi M2100 5G UW mobile hotspot. … Skyroam Solis Lite.

Is airtel hotspot device good?

Battery life is good. It gave 3 days battery life with 3 to 4 hours of daily usage. WiFi range is good upto a Meter. Signal and speed depends on the connectivity in your area.

Is airtel hotspot faster than mobile data?

Mis a 4G LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot Which is Capable to Deliver 150MBps High Speed Internet to any Connected Devices. Get upto 150MBps High Speed Internet to Your 2G, 3G, 4G Mobile Phones & Computer….Airtel MW40 4G ALL SIM SUPPORT HOTSPOT WIFI 150 Mbps 4G Router (White, Single Band)Type4G RoutersBrandAirtel7 more rows

Which hotspot is best Jio or airtel?

Airtel’s 4G Hotspot lasts longer than JioFi 4G Hotspot Airtel claims that its 4G hotspot will last you for around 6 hours on a single charge whereas the JioFi 4G hotspot is claimed to offer around 5 hours of battery life.

How can I increase my Airtel 4G hotspot speed?

Setup Reliance Aitel Internet Settings on Windows smartphoneGo to settings & click on “mobile+GSM” option.Set Data roaming option to Don’t Roam.Set connection speed to 4G.Go back and go to the “Access point” option.Now click on Add icon.Connection Name: Airtel.Set APN to – items…•

Which is the best hotspot device in India?

If you are looking for one of the Best Wi-Fi Hotspot Devices In India, then you can check out this device….List of the Top Wifi Routers in India.Wifi RoutersLinkCadyce Wireless N Travel RouterAmazonNetgear AirCard 790S RouterAmazonHuawei E5673s 4G Mobile Wi-Fi RouterAmazonTP-link TL-MR100Amazon6 more rows•Aug 19, 2021

Can I put Jio sim in Airtel hotspot?

The simple is Yes. You can use the Jio 4G SIM in an Airtel dongle.

Why is my Airtel Wi-Fi so slow?

There are 2 reasons your Airtel wifi speed could be slow. Either your device doesn’t support 5GHz network or you haven’t setup your router properly. You need to activate the 5GHz wireless feature. Doing that will let you use your wifi at speed speed upto 100Mbps for minimum of 5 devices altogether.

Is a hotspot better than Wi-Fi?

Wifi is more secure in comparison to hotspot. Hotspots are less secure than private wifi as they are typically used in public places. 7. In wifi, electromagnetic waves under the radio frequency band 2.4GHz are used for communication.

Which is better hotspot or dongle?

Originally Answered: Which one is better, Airtel 4G dongle or Airtel 4G wifi hotspot? I have used both the devices from the same location, and there’s absolutely no difference between the two in terms of signal strength and connection speed. In fact, the same Airtel 4G sim can be used in both the devices.

Is Airtel dongle free?

Effectively, your dongle comes for free. And, you pay Rs. 399/month for 50GB data.

Does Airtel have JioFi?

Airtel wifi plans – Getting a Wi-Fi connection for the house is the best way to keep all your digital devices connected at all times. Pick our newly launched wifi plans starts @499/- only, it gives superfast speed upto 40MBPS for your home, stay speedy, always-on connectivity without network problems.

Is airtel WIFI Router good?

This router is great for Wi-Fi connectivity if you aren’t asking it to serve up the connection when there are more than two walls between it and the device you want to access the web on. Range will suffer after a point, but for most homes, the speeds that this delivers on 5GHz wireless are more than adequate.

Are portable hotspot worth it?

Mobile hotspots are great in terms of security. Generally they are much more secure than public WiFi connection. These days, many travelers opt for personal mobile hotspot devices, occasionally at slower speeds, but less vulnerable to the outside thread. Turning encryption on will keep the leaches at bay.

How much speed does airtel dongle give?

Airtel wifi plans – Getting a Wi-Fi connection for the house is the best way to keep all your digital devices connected at all times. Pick our newly launched wifi plans starts @499/- only, it gives superfast speed upto 40MBPS for your home, stay speedy, always-on connectivity without network problems.

Can airtel hotspot be used with other sim?

A:yes, you can use any of sim..

Let’s take a look at the best 4G hotspot devices you can get right now and that to under Rs 5,000

Best hotspot dongles you can get in the Indian market right now. (Express Photo: Nandagopal Rajan)


Reliance Jio is one of the leading telecom service providers in India. It currently offers JioFi router at Rs 1,999 along with a free Jio SIM card. The company claims that the device can connect to up to 32 devices at once and a battery life of up to five to six hours on a single charge.

Airtel E5573Cs-609 4G Hotspot

It provides better Wi-Fi coverage with Multi-Input and Multi-Output technology. (Image: Amazon)

Huawei E5576

Huawei E5576 is currently available on Amazon and is priced at Rs 5,000. It is not locked to a single network and can work with all SIM cards. The company claims the device comes with download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 50 Mbps.

Alcatel Vodafone 4g Hotspot MW40VD

The company claims that the device can provide speeds of up to 150 Mbps down and up to 50 Mbps up. (Image: Amazon)

D-Link DWP-157 3G Modem Data Card

If you are good with working in 3G speeds and with a USB dongle connected to your laptop instead of a Wi-Fi device, then the D-Link DWP-157 3G Modem Data Card is a perfect fit at Rs 899, available on Amazon. Apart from the plug and play functionality, it also comes with a microSD card reader slot.

What is a hotspot?

A hotspot is a physical location where people may obtain Internet access, typically using Wi-Fi technology, via a wireless local-area network (WLAN) using a router connected to an Internet service provider. Public hotspots may be created by a business for use by customers, such as coffee shops or hotels.

How long does the Alcatel Vodafone hotspot battery last?

Its battery lasts for about 8 hours and it even comes with features such as parental control and guest network. 4. Alcatel Vodafone 4G Hotspot MW40VD: store and can only be purchased on Amazon. It can connect to about 15 devices at a time and its battery lasts up to 5 hours.

What is public hotspot?

Public hotspots are typically created from wireless access points configured to provide Internet access, controlled to some degree by the venue.

Can a Bluetooth hotspot be used with a mobile phone?

Similarly, a Bluetooth or USB OTG can be used by a mobile device to provide Internet access via Wi-Fi instead of a mobile network , to a device that itself has neither Wi-Fi nor mobile network capability. In this article, we explore a comprehensive list of 5 of the best 4G hotspot devices to buy. If you have any personal favorite or other …

Which is better, Airtel or Jio?

1. Airtel has better network speeds, giving 1.5-2x Jio’s speed during the day and 3x during the night, considering Jio’s downtime. 2. Airtel has little to no downtime or low speed time, even during peak usage hours.

How long does a 4G hotspot last?

Airtel claims that its 4G hotspot will last you for around 6 hours on a single charge whereas the JioFi 4G hotspot is claimed to offer around 5 hours of battery life. While Airtel was offering a slew of plans earlier, the company has discounted most of these to make it competent enough to Reliance Jio.

What is Airtel hotspot?

Airtel 4G hotspot is a device that allows the subscribers to connect various devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smart TV on a portable network to get the connectivity on the go. The device needs a SIM that could be either prepaid or postpaid. The users would have to recharge SIM like other SIM card …

How much data does Airtel offer?

With this data plan, Airtel is offering you 3 GB high-speed data for daily use. Additionally, users will get unlimited voice calling at their preferred network and 100 SMSes every day. The data plan is valid for 56 days and is one of the most expensive Airtel 4G hotspot plans.

Can Airtel Hotspot work with prepaid SIM?

The company has introduced its portable hotspot device that can work with prepaid or postpaid SIM. In order to recharge it, you can pick one of the ideal Airtel Hotspot plans. For any other query, you can reach to Airtel customer care.

Which modem is best for a 4G hotspot?

The best 4G hotspots use the Qualcomm X20 or X24 modems , which you’ll find in the MiFi 8000 and MiFi 8800L.

What modems are used for 4G hotspots?

The best 4G hotspots use the Qualcomm X20 or X24 modems, which you’ll find in the MiFi 8000 and MiFi 8800L. Other hotspots out there, including everything the virtual carriers currently sell, use three- or four-year-old modems that have lower speeds and worse signal strength than the best new phones.

What carriers have hotspots?

Along with the three major carriers, you can get hotspots from Boost (T-Mobile), H2O (AT&T), Karma (T-Mobile), NetZero (T-Mobile), and Net10 (Verizon), along with a few other minor players. Plans range from “free” for 200MB per month with NetZero (you’ll need to buy a hotspot) up to $100 or more. Hotspot plans change all the time.

Which mobile carriers have 5G hotspots?

AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon all have 5G hotspots out now. T-Mobile’s M2000 is excellent, with good battery life and data performance comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra phone. Verizon’s M2100 is a good choice if you are near Verizon’s admittedly limited millimeter-wave 5G coverage.

Is 4G better than 5G?

4G LTE networks are better than ever, and with 5G networks lighting up around the world, wireless web surfing can be faster than your home Wi-Fi connection. Most modern smartphones have a hotspot mode, but cellular modems and Wi-Fi hotspots have historically been your best and most flexible option if you have a lot of devices you want …

Will Verizon have a C band hotspot?

It isn’ t available on any of those carriers’ current hotspots, but C-band products will probably appear later this year. Verizon has pledged to cover 100 million people with C-band by March of 2022, so if you’re investing in a hotspot for the next few years, it’ll make a real difference.

Do 5G hotspots have antennas?

Unfortunately, 5G hotspots generally do not have external antenna ports. Make sure your hotspots support 5GHz Wi-Fi, which is typically faster and less congested than 2.4GHz Wi-Fi. Some hotspots also support guest networks and access controls, such as MAC filtering and time-based access controls.

Which hotspot is best for Verizon?

Specifications. If you’re a Verizon customer who can get the company’s 5G network, then the Inseego 5G MiFi M1000 is the best 5G hotspot for you. It offers dual-band Wi-Fi support, and also includes USB-C and Ethernet tethering for devices which require a wired connection.

Which hotspots support 5G?

If you’re a Verizon customer who can get the company’s 5G network, then the Inseego 5G MiFi M1000 is the best 5G hotspot for you. It offers dual-band Wi-Fi support, and also includes USB-C and Ethernet tethering for devices which require a wired connection.

How long does a 4GEE mini hotspot last?

The 1500mAh offers up to 50 hours on standby, and up to six hours when connected to the internet.

What is TP link hotspot?

The TP-Link M7350 is an excellent mobile hotspot, supporting both micro and nano SIM cards, which means it’s almost certainly going to be compatible with a SIM card you already own. It has a small display for informing you about your connection, and it supports dual band Wifi on both 2.4 and 5GHz. It can be accessed by up to 10 devices at once, and performance is very good on 4G LTE. Its battery life is also excellent, giving you around 10 hours of 4G connectivity.

Is the Netgear Nighthawk R7100LG portable?

Behold the Netgear Nighthawk R7100LG, a router with a SIM card slot. Technically, it is not portable as the device requires a mains power supply, but there are potential workarounds if you really want to make this happen.

Is 4G hotspot good?

They’ll give you that connectivity when and where you need it without putting your security and privacy in danger. Another good thing about the best mobile hotspots is that 4G data is impressively fast, so you’ll be able to browse the internet as if you were connected to a broadband connection.

Is a hotspot safe for 4G?

Surf privately and safely with the best mobile hotspots for 4G and 5G mobile data connections. Although free hotspots in public spaces are readily available now, they’re not going to be as secure as your home or office network.

Which hotspot is best for AT&T?

The Nighthawk LTE is the best hotspot for AT&T. It has a display, but it’s not touchscreen. You can change configuration options, but they must be changed via a web browser using a device connected to the hotspot.

What is a hotspot AT&T?

The hotspot is a Wi-Fi 6 device, meaning it can distribute all that wireless traffic more efficiently . And its 5,040 mAh battery lets you enjoy up to 8 hours of use, AT&T says. If you do a lot of traveling in areas served by AT&T’s 5G mobile network, this is one of the best options for a 5G mobile hotspot. 6.

What is the best hotspot for Verizon?

The Jetpack 8800L is the successor to Verizon’s Novatel Jetpack MiFI 7730L , which The Wirecutter previously rated as the best hotspot. The 8800L uses a new Qualcomm modem that is capable of aggregating signals from up to five carriers, meaning that it’s likely you’ll have a great connection no matter where you are, and it supports a broad range of LTE bands and supports UTMS 3G.

How much is the MiFi M2000?

T-Mobile is selling the MiFi M2000 for $336 or $14 a month if you pay in 24 monthly installments. Opening a new line with carrier can cut your price by 50% — another limited time deal. (Image credit: AT&T) 5.

How much does Skyroam Solis cost?

As with Roaming Man, you can rent the Skyroam Solis mobile hotspot, and at $9 per day, the Solis is a slightly cheaper option. There’s no screen like you’ll find on other Wi-Fi hotspots; instead, you operate the mobile hotspot via an app on your phone.

Why is a mobile hotspot important?

If so, you’re not going to want to burn up your cellular data allocation for anything other than personal use. That’s why a mobile hotspot is a very important tool for mobile workers and frequent business travelers.

Is Verizon 5G MiFi gone?

The Verizon 5G network relies heavily on mmWave-based technology now in 71 cities, but it’s not always going to be that way as the carrier builds out its network . As a result, the Inseego 5G MiFi M1000 that Verizon used to offer is gone, replace d by the Inseego 5G MiFi M2000.

Which carrier has the best hotspot coverage?

What we like. Verizon boasts the best coverage in the nation, making it the ideal carrier for those who want to work or play on the road using a hotspot. The Jetpack MiFi 8800L dedicated hotspot device will help you get the most out of your 4G LTE data on Verizon’s network.

What is the best hotspot for Verizon?

Recap: What’s the best hotspot for you? 1 Best for Verizon: The Jetpack 8800L is a phenomenal device that can reach peak 4G LTE speeds. The biggest problem is the price tag. 2 Best for AT&T: Pickup the Nighthawk LTE Mobile Hotspot if you want a premium device on the AT&T network. You’ll get top-notch speeds and performance. Of course, it costs a pretty penny. 3 Best for T-Mobile: The Alcatel LinkZone 2 is the weakest device on this list, but it’s still the best one for T-Mobile customers. Fortunately, it’s also the cheapest hotspot featured here. 4 Best for Speed: If you want to harness 5G speeds with a hotspot device, your best bet is actually to buy a 5G smartphone. Hopefully standalone 5G devices will be out in the near future so we can save our phone batteries!

What hotspot is cheaper than the 8800L?

There are a few other hotspot devices that you might want to consider if the Jetpack is out of your price range. One is the Verizon Ellipsis Jetpack MHS900L, which is basically a cheaper version of the 8800L that has fewer features and a less powerful modem.

How much does a Jetpack 8800L cost?

If you want to buy the Jetpack 8800L straight up, it will run you about $200. That’s more than twice the cost of other premium hotspot devices. Luckily, you can usually get the device for about $100 if you sign up for a Verizon plan, like this one. The catch is that you’ll be locked into a contract.

Why use a hotspot instead of a phone?

One of the major benefits of using a dedicated mobile hotspot device instead of your phone is that creating a Wi-Fi network expends a ton of battery power. You want to save your phone’s battery life for more important things, like streaming that new Rihanna album.

What chipset does Zoom use?

It uses the Qualcomm MDM9207 chipset, which means that it can’t keep up with even lower-end smartphones in terms of data speeds. If you’re looking for a hotspot that’s going to let you game, stream HD movies, and conduct meetings over Zoom, then you should probably go with another network.

Can a jetpack hotspot compete with a smartphone?

Tons of features. Mobile hotspots will never be able to compete with smartphones when it comes to features. But you still want your dedicated hotspot device to do a few tricks (fetch, hotspot!). The Jetpack 8800L offers up a cornucopia of nifty features.