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1 Meyer Induction Base Cast Iron Tawa
2 Bhagya Cast Iron Cookware Pre Seasoned D …
3 Rock Tawa Induction Base Cast Iron Tawa
4 Amazon Brand – Solimo Pre-Seasoned Cast …

Mar 28 2022


What is the best cast iron Tawa to buy?

The top pick for the best cast iron tawa is Meyer Induction Base Cast Iron Tawa, 26 cm, Black. This tawa is very durable and pre-seasoned and can cook a variety of foods.

How to choose the best Tawa for cooking?

Nonstick material – Tawas should be nonstick for better outcomes of dishes. Whether you are cooking dosas or chapatis or egg, choose a tawa that has a nonstick base. Warranty Period – The warranty period is an essential factor as it directly affects the after-sales service.

What is the difference between aluminum and iron Tawa?

So if you need a lighter tawa, one should use the Aluminum one. Iron tawa, if not handled with care, can start rusting. Aluminum tawa will get scratches easily as compared to Iron counterparts. Some claims of aluminum utensils, in general, have particles of aluminum in food. Which Tawa is the best for roti or chapati?

What is the best nonstick Tawa to buy?

Hawkins Futura Nonstick anodized Tawa was the heaviest among the nonstick Tawas we tested. It had a 4.8mm thickness and the 28-inch variant weighted 1.05 Kg. Most other options have just 2.5mm thickness. Heavier Tawas are better as they offer better heat retention, resulting in deeper browning and crispier Dosas.


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Hawkins Futura Non- Stick Dosa Tawa

Hawkins is one of the preferred tawa brands because they offer Life-long free authorized service. So it is one of the best selling tawa on Amazon. It is manufactured using a unique patented process by Hawkins.

Rock Dosa Tawa 12 Inch Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet

Rock dosa Tawa is a 12-inch pre-seasoned cast-iron skillet. It is one of the best sellers on Amazon. Also, it has many health benefits because it adds iron to the food as well. Many people suffer from iron deficiency so cooking with cast iron makes your food healthier 10 times.

EuroSleek Non-Stick Regular Gas Stove Compatible Dosa Tawa

Eurosleek Non-stick tawa is best for making dosa at home. It’s only gas stove compatible so that can be a disadvantage to using it as versatile kitchenware.

Prestige Hard Anodised Plus Cookware Induction Base Roti Tawa

Prestige is one of the most popular and loved by Indians brands. It has a history of selling the best Tawa for more than 50 years.

Nirlon Non-Stick Aluminium Tawa

Nirlon cookwares are best known for selling non-stick Tawa on the Amazon. It is 3 layers non-stick coating aluminum Tawa perfect for making dosa. It is easy to clean and maintain with minimum efforts. Moreover, it has a 28 cm wide base to make larger and crispy dosa.

Tosaa Non-Stick Concave Tawa

Tossa is a Mumbai based kitchenware manufacturing company that makes amazing Tawas.

Anjali Platinum Flat Multi Deluxe Tawa

Anjali cookware is one of the oldest manufacturing providing valuable kitchenware in the Indian market.

Our Recommendations of Best Dosa Tawa in India

If you are looking for a nonstick Dosa Tawa, we would highly recommend Hawkins Futura. It is well constructed, has a thick base and is heavy enough to distribute the heat uniformly. As the nonstick coating is applied on a hard-anodized aluminium base, you needn’t worry about aluminium leaching into your food even if the coating peels off.

Cast iron or Nonstick- Which Tawa to choose?

A friend once told, “Making dosa in a nonstick Tawa is a sacrilege.” And I agree to an extent. The taste and texture of a Dosa made in cast iron Tawa is incomparable. This is because cast iron has excellent heat retention and thus it cooks slower. So, nice deep searing and texture can be achieved- something that nonstick fails at miserably.

How To Choose Dosa Tawa?

We have already discussed the various materials in which Dosa Tawas are available online. Let us look at other aspects to consider while buying a Dosa Tawa.

What To Do When Dosa Sticks To Cast Iron Tawa?

One of the main reasons why many people avoid cast iron Tawa is that Dosa gets stuck on it. And yes, it could be a real deal-breaker when you are not able to quickly dish out Dosas on a busy morning. But anyone who has been using cast iron for a while will say that the solution is simple.

How We Tested?

Unlike other websites that recommend products based on product specifications and user reviews, we buy the products and test them to recommend the best.