Set-top boxes have become the most important product in a household because the set-top boxes are the best way of watching your favorite tv shows. There are many set-top boxes are available in the market with different price and plans. Here we have collected some best set-top boxes with smart prices that you can buy in India.

Best Set Top Boxes in India

1. Dish TV NXT HD

best set top boxes in india


  • Device type: high definition
  • Compression Technology: Mpeg4
  • Dolby Digital Surround
  • High definition 1080I resolution

Dish TV is also a best set-top box and provides you good picture quality. Dish Tv also provides you different packages and on-demand services that you can purchase. The  Dish Tv set-top box comes with the Dish, LNB, Cable up to 10 meters, Viewing Card, Remote. It provides you 50 plus HD channels. It comes with the one year warranty on the product.

2. Tata Sky HD Set Top Box

best set top boxes


  • Picture Resolution: 1080 Pixels
  • Compression Technology: Mpeg4
  • CD Quality Sound
  • Device Type: High Definition

Tata sky one of the leading DTH service provider company in India. Tata Sky provides almost all channels that you can watch on television. It provides you HD quality channels. Tata Sky gives you great service at a nominal price. It provides you picture resolution of 1080 pixels. It offers different type and customized package, and ala-carte channel options. The tata sky set top comes with an adapter, dish antenna, universal remote and an HDMI cable wire. Tata Sky set-top boxes come with a one-year warranty.

3. Airtel HD Set Top Box

Set top boxes in India
  • Device Type: High Definition
  • Compression Technology: MPEG4
  • Recording Option


Airtel is one of the best brands of set-top boxes in India. Aitel set-top boxes also provide you best viewing quality. It comes with the HDMI Cable, Dish Antenna, Remote, LNB, and Cable up to 10 Meters. Users can choose and customize channels and package according to their requirement.

4. Videocon D2H HD Set top box

best set top boxes 2019


  • Device Type: High Definition
  • Compression Technology: MPEG4
  • Recording Option

This set-top box of Videocon D2H provides you Full HD Picture Quality (1080p). Videocon is also a well-known brand in India. Videocon also allows users to set the channels and package according to their requirements. The videocon provides you great service to the customers. It comes with the one year warranty.

How to choose the best set-top box in India?

Viewing Platform

Before buying a set-top box always check the viewing platform that how much different channel that set-top box can catch. A best set top box has the quality to catch a large number of channels

Record Feature

Most of the set top boxes come with the recording feature with that you can record your favorite program and can watch that any time when you want.

Disk Capacity

A best set-top box has a large storage capacity. A best set-top box should have the capacity of recording multiple contents while you can watch any program of your choice that you want. The best set-top boxes come with the large disk size for storing your downloaded contents.

Additional Apps

Many set-top boxes come with additional apps. There are many set-top boxes are available in the market that comes with the preinstalled apps including Skype, Netflix, Now TV, and news and weather services among others. Many set-top boxes also have the apps in that you can play games and some educational apps are also available.

Electronic Programme Guide

Electronic Programme Guide helps you to navigate your favorite channels easily. The EPG has a different interface of all different set-top boxes because of the EPG builts with the different software for all different set-top boxes. EPG makes it easy top navigate different channels because it shows you all the categories of channels.

Set Top Box With DVD Player

Nowadays many set-top boxes are coming with the option of a DVD player. If you are looking for a set top box with the DVD player then you can go with these type set-top boxes. Remember that this feature is available in only in some brands set-top boxes, not in all.


We hope that this article will help you in finding the best set top box for your home. There are other set-top boxes are also available in the market with different packages and offers. You can go with anyone that you want. If you have any question and suggestions then don’t forget to comment below.