Trimmers for men

Grooming is one thing that men do not take seriously these days. In fact, some are so absorbed in their daily lives that they do not even know what Grooming is. 

Without a well-defined style of your personality, you can never create a nice impression over others.

Take a well-groomed man and an untidy messy man. You would not even want to have a look at the messier one. 

That is the effect of grooming that it creates an impressive notion about oneself. 

Beard is also a catalyst in nourishing your personality. Having a well-trimmed beard gives a hint about how well-groomed a man is. 

But, choosing a good trimmer is a bit of a headache though. However, we are here to help you with that. 

We have listed some of the Best Trimmers for men in India. 

But first, we must see what you should be looking for in a hair trimmer to call it ‘good’?

Essentials to Buy a Trimmer- 

1.Brand Knowledge –

Brand Knowledge basically will help you to judge the goodwill of a product more accurately. Since your skin is involved, you should be extra careful. 

For example, a trimmer of a newly made company will not be as reputed as that of Philips. 

2. Cordless or Corded?

Here, Cordless (Wireless) and Corded (Wired) specify the types of trimmers. Majority of Best trimmers for men are wireless as they are easily usable and portable. 

But they have a limited battery life making them a little hard to use. So, before buying, you should decide which one would you be happy with. 

3. Blades –

Since the blades are finely sharp, you should opt for a trimmer that has stainless steel blades, and rounded tips so as to keep your skin harmless. 

The modern blades are titanium coated which increases their durability. You might also opt for those. 

4. Charge & Run Time – 

A good trimmer should have quick charging time. To clarify, if you have to go somewhere in a hurry, and you need a trim, you won’t sit for the trimmer that takes 5 hours to get charged. 

And secondly, the Run-Time matters too. It is the time that the trimmer remains functional after charging it once. It is beneficial for you to get a trimmer with 45-60 mins. Run-time.

5. Budget

Most importantly, budget is a factor that guides all the other factors. It is the first thing that a person should check. 

The following list of Best trimmers in India is budget-friendly. 

To meet the budget of the majority of the users, we have listed the Best trimmers under 1000 as well.

Best Trimmers For Men in India 

We have sorted a few hair trimmers that would fit your needs and other preferences – 

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1.Philips Beard Trimmer Cordless and Corded for Men QT4011/15

Buy Philips Beard Trimmer QT 4011/15 

Features – 

  • Uses DurePower Technology to enhance its running time. 
  • Provides up to 90 minutes of cordless power on charging for 1 hour
  • Has titanium coated and stainless steel blades for skin-friendly trimming 
  • Has 20 different length settings to give you 20 unique styles for beard trimming 
  • Can be used cordless or plugged-in 
  • Convenient in cleaning and easy handling for | in addition to that, it’s elegant design reaches every part of the face for optimum trimming 

Ratings – 

Ease of using –  9.5

Battery Life –  9.4

Cleaning – 9

Safety –  8.8

Trimming quality –  9 

Value of Money –  9.1

Overall – 9.1 

Why Go for Philips QT4011/15? 

Philips is the emperor of the trimmer world in India. The company is known to make the best products in this field. 

Almost every model is a masterpiece. So you will not be disappointed about going for any Philips products. 

And here is the Cordless and Corded Philips QT 4011/15. You get 90 mins. of power at 1-hour charging, along with it, it works as both, corded and cordless. So no worries if you missed charging it before going somewhere.

If you have no issues regarding the budget of the product, then you can count on it without any worry. As it is rated 9.1 overall which is remarkable. 

2. MARSKE Prime Series AK 2866 Cordless Trimmer for Men, trimmers men, trimming machine for men

MARSKE Prime Series Trimmer

But the all-new MARSKE Prime series AK-2866 Trimmer for men  

Features – 

  1. Uses DuraPower Technology which makes it last longer.
  2. Straight 45 minutes functionality after 8 hours of charging. 
  3. Rounded tips for smooth-trimming. 
  4. Stainless Steel blades | worldwide voltage: 100-240 volts 
  5. Not suitable for direct plug and use 


Ease of using –  9.2

Battery Life –  8.3

Cleaning – 8.8

Safety –  8.7

Trimming quality –  8.7 

Value of Money –  8.8

Overall – 8.7

Why buy MARSKE? 

Well, MARSKE is the new player in the market. And they have come in with a bang. 

The ease of using, the battery life and run time are impressive. 

In the rating part as well, it has shown lots of promises. 

Attaining the overall rating of 8.7 is a sign of impressive performance. 

Above all, if you are looking for Best Trimmers under 1000, this will suit you the most as it comes at a very convenient rate. 

3. Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Men’s Beard and Hair Trimmer 

Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B 

Features – 

  • Good for both Cordless/Corded usage 
  • Japanese Blade Technology | Stainless Steel blades 
  • Washable and rechargeable trimmer 
  • Light Weight and Substantial design 
  • Running time – 40-45 mins. | Charging time – 12 hrs 
  • Quick Adjustment for the length from 2-18 mm in 12 easy steps.


Ease of using –  8.8

Battery Life –  8.5

Cleaning – 8.8

Safety –  8.6

Design & Trimming quality –  8.5 

Value of Money –  8.6

Overall – 8.6

Why Panasonic ER-207? 

If there is any company who has the same product qualities as that of Philip’s, it has to be Panasonic. 

Panasonic has gained a name in trimmers by making some of the serious changes in their approach. 

The ER-207 is one such example of the expertise of Panasonic. The Japanese technology, the run-time and compatibility with both with and without a plug-in makes it a very good option to buy. 

The customers have shown good signs towards the product as they have rated it 8.6. 

Not being much expensive makes it more affordable.

4. Nova NHT-1071 Titanium Coated USB Trimmer for Men

Buy Nova NHT-1071

Features – 

  • High precision blades, be extra gentle while using 
  • 8-hour charging gives you 45 mins. Of Cordless functionality 
  • Comes with a USB cable to bring flexibility in charging, you can even charge it from your computer 
  • Titanium blades | detachable head 
  • 9 length settings, has a safety lock as well 
  • No advisable for plug-in and use 

Ratings – 

Ease of using –  8.6

Battery Life –  8.4

Cleaning – 8.6

Safety –  8.4

Design & Trimming quality –  8.5 

Value of Money –  8.6

Overall – 8.5

Why buy Nova NHT-1071? 

Nova is known for making some of the Best Trimmers under 1000. 

It makes compatible and easy to use trimmers for men. NHT-1071 is a product that has brought unique features to the present lot. 

I mean who would have thought that a hair trimmer would be compatible with a USB cable? And that it would have a safety lock as well. Well, Nova certainly did though. 

Not only that but Nova has high functionality features to attract your attention including the Titanium blades, detachable head, and high precision blades. 

The run-time is a bit low and you need to be extra careful using the blades, that is the only concern. Otherwise, Nova fits in every list including a reasonable budget. 

5. Philips BT1215/15 USB Cordless Beard Trimmer

Buy the Philips BT1215/15 USB Cordless Beard Trimmer

Features – 

  • Stainless steel blades | 4 stubble and beard combos 
  • 8-Hour charging gives you 60 minutes of run time 
  • USB charging for convenient charging 
  • DuraPower Technology to increase its durability 
  • Not advisable for corded usage 

Ratings – 

Ease of using –  8.8

Battery Life –  8.9

Cleaning – 8.6

Safety –  8.3

Design & Trimming quality –  8.8 

Value of Money –  8.6

Overall – 8.6

Why Buy Philips BT1215/15?

Well, don’t be confused by watching another Philips product in the list. 

I told you at the get-go that Philips rules the trimmer world. 

All its products are super-impressive and efficient. 

Like this one, it comes with a whooping run-time of 60 minutes. It is highest of the trimmers of its class. Not only this but stainless steel blades, USB charging, and DuraPower technology make it a must-buy. 

Plus the goodwill of Philips and a very reasonable price for a trimmer of its kind.  

6. Philips QT4000/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer

     Buy the Philips QT4000/15 Pro Skin Advanced Trimmer

Features – 

  • Rounded tips for smooth working on your skin 
  • Charge time – 10 hrs | Run time – 45 mins. 
  • Elegantly designed to reach hard areas | Even has a charging indicator 
  • Has 10 length settings easy settable from 1-10 mm 
  • Not advisable to be used with plugged-in power 

Ratings – 

Ease of using –  8.8

Battery Life –  8.5

Cleaning – 8.7

Safety –  8.3

Design & Trimming quality –  8.6 

Value of Money –  8.5

Overall – 8.6

Why buy Philips QT 4000? 

You are well aware of the fact that how much Philips is focused in the area of trimming. 

Here is another product that you will be impressed with. 

This trimmer contains almost all of the features that you want. A good run-time, charging time, quality blades, length indicators, and cordless working. 

You need to keep it charged before use as it is not compatible with plug-in usage. 

However, this might be a little on the expensive side but still, it is worthy of being bought as it comes with the goodwill of Philips. 

7. Philips DuraPower Beard Trimmer BT3211/15 – Corded & Cordless

Buy The Philips DuraPower Beard Trimmer

Features – 

  • Get 60-minutes run-time after 10-hour charging
  • DuraPower Technology to enhance its durability 
  • Rounded skin-friendly blades 
  • Has a unique lift-and-trim system for up to 30% faster trimming 
  • Light indicator for low, full or empty battery 
  • Can be used cordless and corded 


Ease of using –  8.8

Battery Life –  8.9

Cleaning – 8.6

Safety –  8.3

Design & Trimming quality –  8.8 

Value of Money –  8.6

Overall – 8.6

Why Buy Philips BT3211/15?

This might be the fourth time that I am telling you why to buy a Philips product. But it’s all worth it because Philips gives a whole lot of options to choose from. 

Every other product has a different feature than the former and this is what makes Philips a top brand when it comes to trimming industry. 

Take this product, it has a unique lift-and-trim system which increases the trimming rate by 30%. Along with that, it gives you a 60-minutes run-time which is very adequate for even 5 people to try. 

Along with that, it can be used cordless and corded so that the requirements of a large section can be fulfilled. 

And the price, well it’s all within your budget itself so that it can be afforded easily. 

8. HTC AT 210 Rechargeable Cordless Trimmer for Men

Check the HTC AT 210 Rechargeable Cordless Trimmer

Features – 

  • DurePower technology makes it last long 
  • Charge time – 2 hrs | Run-time – 45 mins 
  • Rounded tips for skin-friendly functioning 
  • Easy cleaning | detachable head 
  • Cordless trimmer, not to be used with power plugged-in 

Ratings – 

Ease of using –  8.7

Battery Life –  8.7

Cleaning – 8.5

Safety –  8.3

Design & Trimming quality –  8.4 

Value of Money –  8.3

Overall – 8.4 

Why buy HTC AT 210? 

The AT 210 is a trimmer that is most suitable for those who are looking for quality product in a tight budget. 

It has been rated 8.4 in total by the customers which is a sign that this trimmer has been up to the mark of their expectations. 

The blades ensure good quality trim and are not harsh on the skin either. The Charge time to Run time ratio is remarkable, as it runs for 45 mins after 2-hour charge. 

It is indeed an eyebrow-raising feature though. 

You get some amazing features within a budget of Rs. 500. Isn’t that amazing? 


So, these were the very Best Trimmers for men in India. These will be your best helpers on the path of well-groomed life. 

You can choose according to your preferences and you will not be disappointed buying any of the above. Also, if you have any doubts or suggestions, etc. feel free to use our comment section.

Thank you for reading!