Water is one of the most important needs of our life but nowadays water is containing dirt, impurities, and bacteria. If you are one of them who is drinking water without purifying then it can be dangerous for your health. Finding the best water purifier in India is not an easy task. A water purifier is the only way to ensuring that the water you are consuming is safe to drink. If you are going to buy a water purifier then it may be challenging for you to choose the right one.

If you are consuming hard water then you have to choose the best  RO water purifier and if you are consuming soft water than you have to go with a UV water purifier and If you are consuming both hard and soft water then you should choose RO+UV water purifier. Hard water is that comes from bore wells, hard water contains some heavy metals and the soft water is obtained from lakes, rivers and harvesting technique.

There are many factors that you have to remember while buying a water purifier the first is your budget in what range you want to go and you also have to think about brand trust. There are many companies in the market who are selling bad water purifier, their water purifier has no good technology for water purifying.

5 Best Water Purifier In India

While buying a water purifier the quality of water is most important because which purifier you have to choose RO or  UV or RO+UV, it depends on water quality. Here is a list of top 5 water purifier in India you can choose the best water purifier from this below list.

1. Kent Grand Plus 8-Litre Mineral RO + UV/UF with TDS Controller Water Purifier

water purifier with tds controller


  • High storage capacity.
  • Advance Purifier technology.
  • TDS controller

This is all in one water purifier of Kent. It has the TDS controller that will help you to manage the hardness level of water and the UV technology will ensure you that all bacteria and virus are killed from water. Kent grand plus comes with the 1-year warranty on the product and they will also give you free service for 3 years. It has the capacity of 8 liters and the purification capacity is 20 liter per hour. It has the maximum duty cycle of 100 liters per day. Kent will also provide you free installation service on this product. The Kent Grand Plus RO is made with food grade plastic. Kent Grand is WQA, ISI, NSF, and CE certified.

2. Livpure Glo 7-Litre RO + UV + Mineralizer Water Purifier

Best Water Purifiers in India


  • Advanced purification technology for pure and healthy water.
  • RO+UV+ Mineralizer water purification technology.
  • 6 stage water purification technology.

Livpure Glo is another purifier with RO+UV+ Mineralizer water purification technology. It has a capacity of 7 Liters. Livpure Glo has advance water purification technology for pure and healthy water. It has the 6 stages of water purification that will ensure that the water you are drinking is safe. It comes with a one year warranty on the product. Livpure Glo is made with the food grade plastic. It has the water purification capacity of up to 12 liters per hour and up to 75 liters per day.

3. Eureka Forbes Aquasure from Aquaguard Smart Plus 6-Litres RO+UV+MTDS Water Purifier

top Water Purifiers in India


  • Smart Energy Saving Mode.
  • Advanced RO+UV+MTDS purification.
  • MTDS Controller.
  • Smart Design and Led indicators.

Aquaguard Smart Plus water purifier is also in my list to give you healthy water. This water purifier has a capacity of 6 liters. This Purifier also has an MTDS controller for managing the hardness of the water. It comes with the smart sensors that will help to save energy by powering off purifier automatically when the tank is full. This purifier performs well between the voltage of 150v to 270v. Smart plus technology protect your purifier if the voltage exceeds 270V and decrease below 150V. Aquaguard Smart Plus comes with the one year warranty on the product.

4. Havells Max 8-litres RO+UV Water Purifier

best ro water purifier in india


  • Advanced purification technology
  • 7 stage purification process
  • Electrical protection system

The Havells Max has a capacity of 8 Liters. It has the powerful 7 stage purification process that will ensure you the water that you and your family is consuming is absolutely Impurities, and bacteria free. The Havells Max has a different design. It has an easily removable tank so you can clean it easily. You know the Havells is the old and trusted brand so you don’t need to worry about the quality of the product. The Havells Max has the Voltage Protection system, the purifier performs well in the voltage range of 170V- 330V, If the voltage exceeds 330V and decrease below 170V then it will protect your purifier from electrical damage.

5. Blue Star Aristo RO+UV AR4BLAM01 7-Litre Water Purifier

best water purifier in india for home


  • Child lock function.
  • High purification Technology.
  • Smart Led Indicators.
  • Low-Pressure Alert.
  • UV fail Alert.

If you want to buy a RO+UV water purifier then Blue Star is also a good choice. This water purifier has a capacity of 7 liters. This purifier will also save your water because It has the child lock button that will save your water purifier from unnecessary wastage of water. The double-layered technology RO+UV ensure that the water is absolutely bacteria free. It has alert features that will alert you when the low pressure of input water supply. It has the 6 stages of water purification. The Blue Star Aristo comes with the one year warranty on the product.


These are the top 5 Best water purifier in India you can buy anyone that is fit with your budget. I hope that this article will help you in buying a water purifier. If you have any question and suggestion then please comment us below.


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