Bigrock Digital Certificates Discount Coupon Code 2018

A digital certificate is a must when it comes to any e-commerce website as it does not give the customer a satisfaction that the site they are traveling to is legit but also provides a sense of security and safety of personal features. You can add this digital certificate to your website with easy to use online tools that are provided by Bigrock. Using Bigrock you can get Digital Certificate for your website now at a discounted price. It helps you secure your website. To get discount on Digital Certificate for your website, apply the coupon code given below.

Bigrock Digital Certificate Discount Coupon

Coming to the main item, you have been waiting for.

Flat 10% off on Do It Yourself Digital Certificates.

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Details: Get the flat 10% discount on all Digital Certificates plans of Bigrock. To apply this discount, copy and paste the coupon mentioned above code at the time of Checkout. At the time checkout, you will find a box, paste your code there. And Click on apply.

What is this Digital Certificate?

If you have created or opened a new website, you might be wondering what this fuss about these Digital Certificates is. Well, this is just an identification or in another word a certificate which tells your customer or the visitors that the website you are visiting is legit and there is no security loop that might result in your loss of user’s data.

You must have come across somewhere when you tried to enter a website but was stopped by the browser showing in a red page that the site is not trusted. Well, it was because there was no digital certificate by the website or the certificate is not matching with the browser’s one.

The most important and only Digital certificate that these sites have is SSL certificate which is used to keep all user data enter secure. Each website that is used for gathering and transmitting customers information should use an SSL certificate to guarantee the safety of this information. The one and the only way to secure your online transactions is to use SSL certificate are the and to show your customers that you really value the confidentiality of their data.

Bigrock and SSL certificate

If you are still wondering where to do this task, look no further Bigrock is there for you where it will not only create SSL certificates for your website but also maintain them as they need to be renewed every now or then.

Bigrock has different plans for getting SSL certificates. You can go for any of these plans based on your need for how many domains you want SSL certificate for. The plan is made per annually. Before we talk about the plans, let’s talk about why you should go for Bigrock.

Bigrock offers tons of security and other features that are mentioned below.

  • Provided up to 256-bit encryption of the data that are transferred, so no one can break the encrypted message and leak it.
  • Bigrock not only encrypts the message but also establishes authenticity of the website by authenticating your website’s identity
  • The SSL certificate provided is compatible with all the types of web browser available
  • All the SSL certificate presented by the Bigrock comes with Comodo trusted secure site seal which is one of the best
  • Bigrock also provides 30-days money back guarantee to all its customers

Bigrock comes with three types of SSL certificate package as follows.

  • Positive SSL
  • Comodo SSL
  • Positive SSL Wildcard

Each of these packages is based on domain and different warranty level in case something goes wrong.



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