Bigrock VS Godaddy : Battle of Domain Name and Host Providers

Presenting Comparison of top website hosting platforms: GoDaddy VS BIGROCK

Well, a word called digitalization has been very frequently used nowadays. And Digitalization means adopting the modern-day virtual methods to bloom your business. One of the primary element of this digitalization would be creating a dynamic website. Today, every business organization whether it’s small or big requires a cool website to showcase their work. The website is the carrier of business information and holds every achievement of organization for the world to view.

bigrock vs godaddy

But, creating a website isn’t an easy task. As several steps are involved in creating one website like generating a layout, selecting hosting website, etc. But, this all can be easily achieved with the aid of perfect tools and host websites. Well, there is still some confusion present as with click on the internet you will see millions of website hosting tools. So, the most prominent concern for beginners is to choose a perfect web hosting platform for their dream project.

Well, that’s why to provide some clarification to the new birdies of website making industry we have something. So, folks who are looking for best website hosting company but torn between two big sharks, i.e., “Bigrock” and “Godaddy.” Then, guys, we have scrutinized both of these leading web hosting companies to offer you some clarity. So, folks read this in-depth comparison between Bigrock and Godaddy carefully, before making your final decision.

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#Evaluation of Bigrock and Godaddy.

Godaddy is the hosting service providing company in the Indian subcontinent and motivating business owners to go viral. This online domain registration company was established in 1997 by Bob Parsons. Since its formation, Godaddy has plenty of achievements rolling under their wings. Godaddy has a task force of 4000 employees who are satisfying more than 14 million customers. In 2016, Godaddy received the title of the world’s largest ICANN qualified registrar with over 61 million domain names successfully registered with them. Apart from providing hosting services Godaddy also offers their clients domain registration service. So, Godaddy got every aspect of website creation covered.


Bigrock is the other big name of the domain registration and web hosting service industry. This company was established 1 year after Godaddy in 1998 under direct ownership. This organization mainly operates in India and USA. Their clientele is based primarily on both these nations. Bigrock offers a full online business package to the users. They got every main component of web hosting to domain registration covered. Primary services provided by Bigrock are domain registration, e-commerce solutions, business-class email services and digital certificates. Due to their dynamic services, they have 6 million clients registered with them.

Okay, as now we are familiar with the necessary information of both Godaddy and Bigrock. It is time to dissect them further on some technical grounds and evaluate which one is better.

#Server Uptime Comparison.

So, firstly we are going to compare these top websites on the basis of their server uptime. Server uptime means the ability of web hosting website to present your website online without any failure. You might have seen numerous times that when you log into any website, and you receive this message,” Sorry Web Hosting Failure .” This is the failure of web hosting company. So, select a company which offers super server uptime and secures your website.


  • Godaddy uses UPS power and N+1 air conditioning to provide perfect server uptime.
  • They also use 24/7 onsite monitoring with fire protection.
  • Godaddy has their base situated in Europe, Asia, and the USA with the size of 70,000 square feet.
  • That’s why due to having such a strong bases Godaddy presents 99.9% reliability.


  • Bigrock opts for Juniper switches and router technology to provide an excellent experience to their users.
  • The advance team of Bigrock monitors 24/7 with advanced cooling and fire protection systems.
  • The data center of Bigrock is situated in Texas with the size of 250000 square feet
  • Bigrock also offers 99.9 % reliability to their users.

#Website Builder Comparison.

The users should also pay attention towards the website building tools offered by the company as they are essential for the construction of the website. Both, Godaddy and Bigrock have plenty of web building tools for their users. Each has some very nice and some okay-okay features. That’s why check out these features before making your choice.


  • The featured offered by Bigrock are totally free, and that’s what makes them readily convenient for users.
  • Its very simple to operate Bigrock with a smooth drag and drop menu.
  • Bigrock is specifically designed according to the search engine optimization rules.
  • It also offers blog and social media access.
  • With the Bigrock you have over 175 themes and 85,000 images at your disposal.


  • Godaddy is a very easy to operate as even beginners can use it. As it runs on the principle of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).
  • The layouts offered by Godaddy are visual friendly and can be easily understood by first-time visitors.
  • Godaddy gallery has around 300 professionally designed layout for you ready.
  • You can quickly restore and backup data with Godaddy.

#Control Panel Interface Comparison.

Control Panel is the set of tools offered by web hosting server to explore your creativity. Both, Godaddy and Bigrock have their customized Control Panels to provides their clients. They both try to offer best services to their clients, but it is up to you which Control Panel you will approach.


Bigrock control panel is a very user-friendly and designed for beginners. The control panel icons are very recognizable and easy to use. BigrockcPanel is designed for Linux hosting or Plesk (Demo) control for Windows shared hosting.  All in all Bigrock Control Panel Interface is highly user-friendly.


Godaddy control panel provides script installers like most conventional cPanels, but the interface is different. The control panel of Godaddy isn’t the problem for regular users, but for new users, it might seem difficult. It became a bit difficult for new users to understand it. So, Godaddy Bigrock Control Panel Interface is not exactly user-friendly.

#Server Speed Comparison.

The next major determination point to select any web hosting service would be its server speed. Always go for a hosting agent which offers stable response time and decent server speed. In our case, both Godaddy and Bigrock try to offer dynamic server speed to users. So, we did a little test with Pingdom to check the speed and response time of the websites, and we received given the result.


When Bigrock is tested on the grounds of speed and response, then very satisfying result comes. The Bigrock’s average responding timing is 660ms. Which is quite satisfying for the consumers.


Testing Godaddy for its speed we face moderate result. Godaddy presents responding speed of 784ms when requested from a web browser in India. The speed is quite moderate, but Bigrock seems to overpower here Godaddy.

#Hosting Services Comparison.

Now, that’s a major comparison as we are going to discuss the attributes offered by both websites. Providing perfect hosting services is the sole goal of these hosting companies. So, we have to carefully compare the windows hosting services offered by both Bigrock and Godaddy individually.


  • Godaddy presents Microsoft Window servers for ASP.NET hosting, ASP, and SQL Server users.
  • Godaddy provides flexible and secure Odin Plesk control panel.
  • It has 24/7 monitor control and DDos to give their clients.
  • Provision of Windows® Server 2012 R2 that is available under every plan. There is also a provision of Microsoft IIS 8.5.
  • With one click you can download the 50+ application such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Godaddy offers 200 MB MSSQL storage space to you.


  • First of all, Bigrock has correctly distributed DNS infrastructure, which is separated into email accounts and subdomains.
  • Bigrock uses acool coding system such as ASP, ASP.NET, PHP 5.3 to PHP 5.4, with vintages of both MS-SQL and MySQL.
  • Bigrock has some excellent infrastructure like Dell Rack servers with Dual Quad Core Xeon CPUs w/32GB RAM & Windows Server 2008.
  • You can easily access to this server by using any device from email.
  • Users can download 300+ applications with this hosting tool including WordPress and Drupal.

#VPS Hosting Service Comparison.

Both Bigrock and Godaddy believes in fully satisfying their users, and that’s why they offer all the cool features. One of the most in-demand features will be VPS service. The VPS service is preferred by numerous clients who want secure login access and want to safeguard their data. So, both these companies try very hard to provide best VPS service to you.


It offers all the right components that one VPS hosting server should deliver to their users. The Bigrock has designed four package deals for their customers which they can get for the little extra price. The package provided by Bigrock is named as V1, V3, V5, and V7. Each package has sculpted featured such as:

  • One free IP.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Enterprise level storage facility.
  • VPS performance is 99.9% guaranteed by VIRTUOZZO, CentOS, NetApp, cPanel and Dell Hardware.


Godaddy VPS plan revolves around speed and security attributes. The programs are designed for full monitoring and firewall consideration. Godaddy has a separate plan for both Windows and Linux users. But Windows plans are bit expensive than Linux plans. Godaddy VPS has five basic plans known as 1GB, 2GB, 3GB, 4GB, and 8GB. All these plans have following sectors:

  • 1-year free SSL certificate.
  • Free setup.
  • Three dedicated IP.
  • It is managed by Windows and Plesk control panel.
  • Godaddy VPS has 5,000 SMTP relays plus File and DB backups.

#Safety Concerns Comparison.

Today where every second one website has been hacked by someone, it is imperative to test the security levels of hosting website. As security is always a primary concern for any website owner. That’s why both Bigrock and Godaddy has designed strict policies for security. They offer optimum level of protection to their clients. They have various security polices setup.


  • This server is packed with the latest Antivirus, Malware and Rootkit scanning tools to control hacking.
  • SSL Certification is offered by Bigrock to keep hacking at bay.
  • To protect your website from SQL Injection attacks, bots, CSRF attempts and XSS exploits Bigrock has SiteLock Website Scanning.
  • To safeguard your vital data and create its automatic backup we have got CodeGuard Cloud Backup.


  • The Godaddy offers the best SSL security to their domains and subdomains. The different security plans are provided by Godaddy to select from.
  • The SSL certification also offers Code and Driver Signing Certification to sign up for software installation securely.
  • You will get plenty of security tools from Godaddy. And one of the best is Sitelock Malware Scanner. In which, your website for malware will be automatically checked, and any chance of hack will be eliminated.

#Pricing Policy Comparison.

The critical set that would be considered by users after checking out all the technical features of hosting server would be the price. As the budget of every individual is separate, and so are the requirements. That’s why both Bigrock and Godaddy has designed different price packages. They have varied price range for both Windows and Linux according to the attributes selected by the user.


  1. The Godaddy has four dynamic plans for Linux users, such as;
  2. Starter plan for Rs. 99/month. This plan is for a single website.
  3. Economy plan for Rs. 199/month. In this, you will get one fundamental
  4. Deluxe plan for Rs. 309/month. It is for multiple website users.
  5. The ultimate plan for Rs. 549/month. This can handle all complex and heavy websites easily.

Godaddy pricing policy for Windows users is:

  1. The basic plan for the minimum price of Rs. 99/month. This is for very basic users.
  2. Deluxe plan for Rs. 309/month. In this plan, you will get SEO wizard tool.
  3. The ultimate plan for Rs. 549/month. You will get everything more with the plan, like more website, more storage and more security.
  4. Developers plan for Rs. 959/month. You will get 5 websites service with some pro features.


The price range of Bigrock for both Linux and Windows users is as:

  1. Starter plan for ₹.59/month. Here you can host one website and get 10 GB storage and 200 emails to send. But, you will get an unlimited transfer to do.
  2. Advanced plan for ₹ 79/month. In which you can host one website with unlimited transfer, storage and emails.
  3. The business plan for ₹ 259/month. You can host three websites with unlimited transfer, storage, and emails.
  4. Pro plan for ₹ 339/month. Here you will be able to host unlimited websites with unlimited transfer, storage, and emails.

#Money back Comparison.

Every person needs some assurance before investing in any hosting server. They need a guarantee that if they are not satisfied with their service, then they will get their money back. On this ground, both Godaddy and Bigrock have different policies.


Godaddy offers no money back guarantee to their users. So, use Godaddy at your own risk.


Here Bigrock is bit generous and gives 30 days money back guarantee to their users. Which means if you are not satisfied by their services, then they will pay you back within 30 days time period only. You can’t demand money back after 30 days period.

#Customer Care Services Comparison.

Now, after sale services are a very vital part. As customers only come back if they feel satisfied by customers to care services. So, both Godaddy and Bigrock try their best to retain their customers with them. The happy customer is always a loyal customer.


Godaddy has customer care center open for their clients. So, whenever you get stuck anywhere, just call them and they will try to sort your problem. The only downside with Godaddy is that they won’t reply on chat and they only reply via phone call only.


Bigrock takes your queries by phone, chat, ticket, etc. According to users they usually get a response within 30 minutes. So, that’s very cool, and you can ask for help anytime from Bigrock professional team.

The Verdict:

Well, here we have viewed different services offered by both Godaddy and Bigrock. In some facilities, Bigrock has upper hand and in some Godaddy steals the show. So, it is tough to side one hosting server as both have their own advantages and disadvantages. That’s why it entirely depends upon the requirements of customers that what they exactly want from their hosting server. And moreover, among Bigrock and Godaddy which has more attributes of your desire to offer. So, guys study above mentioned comparisons and make your decision wisely.


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