BigRock VS HostGator India – Read Before You Purchase

Presenting Comparison of top website hosting platforms: BIGROCK VS HostGator India

With such a large scale of people drawing their attention towards technology world, there has been a radical increase in the desire to create and maintain websites for companies to offer. Although creating a website with WordPress is very easy, but still, some other things need to be created by developers before the website is created and launched on the internet. One big thing to consider is that the web hosting company you are using may take it towards your success or return your day.

bigrock vs hostagator india

Few Words of WISDOM:

  • Finding your first hosting company can be frightening even if a website is easy to host, then once a while, it is very complicated. The real part of the problem is that there are many incorrect notifications as there are many hosting providers, who are trying to convince you that they are in fact the right choice for your hosting plans. Often, they also do this by advertising services that you do not really need
  • The second time, they will do it with advertising services, which are not special features, but are only part of the host; Like some apple-like vaccine stickers, they try to make their product more exposed to a feature, which is actually built-in to all such products.
  • Despite this, it is not really difficult to separate the good people from the bad guys in this regard. It really is to decide what you really want. This article will show the key features among professionals and prominent global web hosting companies: BigRock and Hostgator India, if you are keenly looking for the best web hosting in India – unlimited domains, disk space, email and bandwidth, addresses, 99.9% uptime with a dedicated 24 * 7 technical support, 30 day money back guarantee, but firstly, we should know what a good web hosting services include-
  • There are so many options on coming to host a website that it can be a daunting task to find a web host that is suitable for your needs. Here, Starbucks is used as a metaphor in the form of nine important properties of a good web hosting company.
  • Imagine seeing your local Starbucks in the middle of the day because they have broken the coffee brewer because they have to shut down. A loyal or regular customer can come back later, but a new or recently one will get a new place to get their coffee.

Things that you should be looking for:-

I know it’s hard to decide among so many choices, which one you should go for specially if you’re a beginner. We cannot help you with that because obviously, every hosting platform is better in some ways and vice versa. But, what we can do is to help you, by telling some of the most important points that have to be kept in mind before going for either one of them.

  1. Solid / Reliability

Every time your website goes down, same goes for your number of visitors. If you lose visitors, you lose profit, members, reputation etc. You cannot tolerate your website even for a short time! You are looking at the web host you will be trustworthy to make sure how many customers they are if they guarantee an up-time, search for complaints about them on the internet and ask other (generally better and more), Seeing the users are using their service about their experience (if you know anybody)

2. Speed

Nobody likes to wait in line to like them – they want it now or they want it tomorrow, Starbucks saves quickly and people know that Starbucks line (even if long) fast If your website is slow because it is on an overloaded server or a slow network, your visitors will go somewhere else. Ensure that its intensity is fast, to test the web host site and some of their client’s site, check how fast they load. Also, read Top Twenty Do and Donuts for your website.

3. Space

Starbucks generally provide indoor and outdoor seating facilities to accommodate most people. Moving a restaurant is not easy and it is not easy to transfer to your webite. Ensure that you have more than enough space for what you plan to do with your website. Web space is cheap, so there is a lot to it

  1. Enough bandwidth

Imagine Starbucks was allowed to have 1000 customers per day and then they had to close their doors. This is essentially bandwidth for websites. If you have a lot of traffic and have used a lot of bandwidth, they deduct your web site or charge you more. It protects web hosting companies from being someone who uses all the server resources to make sure that your web host allows you to buy more bandwidth, you should need it someday.

  1. Help & Support

If you go to Starbucks and you cannot get any staff that will be really frustrating about your order when you have a problem with your web hosting company, you want to reach one and get the quick response. Find out if they have a published phone number, their hours of support, and how easy it is to reach someone

  1. Superior Features and Technology

The last time you heard that someone had asked for something in Starbucks, then they could not make it? When it comes to your website, make sure you have all the options you need. Your control panel, the number of allowed sub-domains, scripting language support, database, and whether it is hosted on Windows or UNIX platforms.

  1. Enough Email storage

Find out if you have a limit on the number of email boxes and other email features they support to make sure that you have full control over them and can manage them manually

  1. Safe Location

Web hosts that are local are faster, more reliable, and easier to contact than those who are not close-up. At least the web server should be in one country because most of your visitors are not able to use a hosting company in the UK or Europe if you are all your visitors in the United States. Also, make sure your website information is safe and secure on their server.

Let the battle begin: BIGROCK VS HOSTGATOR

These two companies have secured their position, as far as one of the most reliable and economical web hosting provider so far.So, let’s start our in-depth review of BigRock vs. Hostgator India, looking at this brief overview.

#1. General Overview

BigRock is indeed one of the biggest and most successful web hosting companies in an Indian home. It is the provision of the best form of self (DIY) web builder package made by the company popular among webmasters. In addition to the DIY Web Builder package, the provision of SSL certificates (which enables security on websites), email, web-hosting services are also provided by BigRock. There is no doubt that in India; BigRock is an ICANN-accredited domain registrar which provides the most reliable registration services. (To learn more about BigRock, read this detailed BigRock Review)

Hostgator is one of those most popular web hosting companies which are known for hosting their amazing support and quality. I have used their shared hosting services many times and have never had a single complaint. Compared to other web hosting companies, in the case of customer support services, Hostgator offers the best Twitter support is also a means of connecting to your customer service line.Their web hosting packages are rich-you can find many things by making your host a company. Not surprisingly, webmasters and bloggers, internet marketers protect HostGator for web hosting services, 7-day 24-hour WordPress support and price In search of, Hostgator should come quickly behind anyone’s mind.


In a bid to access the web for web developers, Hostgator launched its Indian office, an Indian web hosting company, with a local payment option. Hostgator India’s web hosting portal and Indian office in Maharashtra’s Nashik. Its services are located in India, hence, it has been very useful for Indian bloggers and webmasters, with a full Indian support and payment options. With this, local people have got the chance to enjoy fast loading of their websites.

The Indian Hostgator company looks similar to the American site and has such allegations. Some differences are only traceable for both of them, they have internal functionality (this is because the Indian Hostgator offers hosting and domain services from the reseller club).

# 2. Features

Hostgator India provides all the necessary features that you may need to host your website. Hostgator offers various hosting plans including Drupal, WordPress and E-commerce Portal.

For example, in the form of a starter, you might want to start with shared hosting, which costs at least and at a later time, when your traffic increases, you can go to the VPS server only if you To visit the website, ask your customer support, and it will be free of charge.

The following tasks have been shown in Hostgator Indian Hosting Service.

  • Support the clock
  • cPanel
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Site builder
  • Unlimited Business Email Address
  • Quick back up
  • $ 100 Google award support
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • One Click WordPress Installation
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • SSH
  • Email list
  • Pop3 account
  • Zen Cart
  • Web stats Scripts

In contrast, BigRock is a user-friendly DIY website builder. It has an interface that guides the user who is not proficient in programming languages. It gives the most supportive support for most programming languages (Perl, Python, CGI, PHP, and many others), which is known by most users.

Bigrock also hosts user-friendly resellers, other services such as SoftAccital provide 1 click WordPress install and other web scripts. The server is highly secure (server monitoring helps in checking checks every day) BigRock receives it with rootkit scanning tool, antivirus and malware.

# 3 BigRock and Hostgator payment options

You can pay to Hostgator through any of the following:

  • National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT)
  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)
  • Debit/credit card
  • Net Banking

For the payment made, 45-day money back period was used. For any occasion, if you do not want to host your site with them, you will get all your money back. You need to make a decision within 45 days

You can make a payment to BigRock India through any of the following:

  • Credit Card (Visa / Discover / Amex / MasterCard)
  • PayPal (user must have a verified PayPal account).
  • Other offline payment options
  • Peak

# 4. Customer support services

Most customers’ complaints are emailed through BigRock (email sent for sale/support) always addressed in the best manner of customer satisfaction. Their customer support is highly encouraging in view of their record of cooperation with them. As a customer, it will be easy to decide whether to join both resellers and Affiliate BigRock programs and the WordPress website.

Sometimes, I had to face the port 80 blockage problem due to a plugin. I reached the support team via email and the issue was quickly resolved. In addition, their hosting panel option helps kill SQL queries and thoroughly check the hosting. It helps in keeping the website smooth running.

Talking about support, Hostgator is just the best. For 24 hours a day, you can deposit a ticket with fast response. Sometimes in the past, I had a problem migrating your client’s blog with a corrupted database. Both times, Hostgator support was very awesome. They did not make me fast, instead, they patiently helped me upload the database file and the blog was functional.

You can access Hostgator through a number. This may be by phone support, email support, ticket creation or by adding them to a live chat.

# 5. Server uptime

Both have high value (approximately 99.8% guarantee) of uptime in Hostgator and BigRock. Once, there is no difficult problem with uptime.



#6. Different types of Services offered:

HostGator provides a list of hosting packages which are as follows:

  • Hostgator includes services like shared, reseller, dedicated and VPS hosting packages, they also offer Windows hosting, however, I will suggest a way to peacefully paste Linux hosting as it is very simple and less expensive.
  • Hostgator hosting services are in separate sub-packages; Child and Business Plans. All these schemes provide unlimited bandwidth and storage.
  • The Hatching Plan is the ideal package for any blogger who is planning to host only one website. It gives users an unlimited disk space and storage and you can grab the plan at the beginning and later, you can upgrade to a child plan to host multiple WordPress blogs or websites.
  • In addition to the hopping plan, planning for a more popular Hostgator is the baby plan. With this plan, you can host multiple websites, and in the second it includes every second feature of the Hatching Plan. You can host five WordPress blogs without any child planning issue
  • Lastly, the business plan is the best option for small business owners and companies, which are not technically very good, this plan provides a dedicated IP, personal SSL and toll-free number.

On the other hand BigRock offers the following features:

  • Web Hosting
  • Vertical name
  • Website style
  • Email hosting
  • Digital certificate
  • Bigrock uses a prominent shared hosting type, under which they have some subdivisions. Subtypes are:
  • Starter plan
  • Advanced plan
  • Business plan
  • Pro plan

Overview of Bigrock Hosting Plans offered:

  • While the shared hosting plan starts at 59 INR per month (BigRock Starter Hosting Planning), compared to other hosting companies, its price is very low I would recommend those who do not want to use the email ID to use this plan for first time experience.
  • The advanced plan is the best package for web developers, who are trying to develop websites to their customers; they can use it as a demo hosting, it gives you space, bandwidth, and freedom of disk space.
  • Business plans and supportive schemes are perfect for all types of businesses. You can use this plan to increase the content of your website and the quality of your business.
  • BigRock Windows Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Reseller Hosting and E-Commerce Hosting
  • In addition, if you are interested in buying hosting from BigTroort, you can get it at a discounted rate, thanks to 51% discount for BigRock coupon codes and two free email addresses.
  • In addition, using the BigRock domain coupon, you can also buy domains at discounted prices. They provide the domain at cheap prices with two free email addresses, however, in web hosting packages, the number of emails you can see can be as much as possible.

# 7. Advantages of BigRock and Hostgator Hosting

  • Speed

Slow loading websites have several reasons and one of the main contributors is Latency (the time taken by the server to obtain and receive the request received by the website, usually affected by the distance between the web server and the website user).

By hosting your website on the Bigrock Indian server, you can greatly reduce the effect of delays on your website, because the distance of server travel request will be greatly reduced.

The Indian subcontinent hosts Hostgator’s web server; which means that you can use your site in a relatively fast way. This is quite easy because when it comes to reaching your websites there is no need to cross the international boundaries.

Therefore, if you are reaching your site from the Indian subcontinent, then both web hosts can provide you with a terrific loading speed.

  • Different payment methods

One of the major problems faced by Hostgator Global is payment processing that is not working properly in the US payment scenario. With the establishment of Hostgator India, the local payment option has started to pay more attention than it does not matter if you are using internet banking of your debit card or an anonymous bank, you will have an easy course with the Hostgator India payment option can do. This is the case with BigRock

  • Better Organic Ranking

Obviously, the IP of the web server is one of those factors that can affect the webmaster’s Google ranking status. If your target audience is Indian, then the possibilities are very high that Google recommends you the Indian IP address. With the arrival of Indian Hostgator, (which uses an Indian IP address), it brings great benefits to many users’ doors.

BigRock also has a better biological SEO ranking because search engines believe that you are hosting your website in India by checking the website’s IP address. They reduce this information to rank your website for any queries made by any person in India compared to websites based on the international information.

# 8. Which is better?

Looking for the best web hosting platform for your website read out our conclusion below:


This was it and its time to end our comparison of Bigrock VS Hostgator. After reviewing these two websites we can say that both of them are exceptional. But, if you are in India, then your final decision should be quite simple. If you want to get the local payment options, and the best local technical support and a website that is centered on the audience of India then you should go for “Bigrock” But, overall, both of them provide excellent facilities such as low latency, quality service and better organic rankings. So it’s really hard to side towards any of them, and it’s on you to decide which one suits you the best and your needs, as per your spending capability.


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