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Set Airtel Caller Tune (Charges, Remove, Songs List)


If you want to rid off with a default ringtone and also, want to set up your favorite song hello tune then you should think about the Airtel hello tune service. Airtel hello tune is really an exciting service that lets you make a caller tune of your favorite song. You can entertain your callers anytime whenever they call you up. So if you want from your callers to call you often then it is better to select your favorite song and set it up as your caller tune. You get a huge collection of songs on Airtel hello tunes but it charges an amount as per plan you purchase for your Airtel number.

airtel caller tune

How to set caller tune in Airtel?

You can set the favorite caller tune of your callers in your Airtel number. Callers will be able to hear a caller tune until the phone stops to ring. It may bring a smile on the face of your callers whenever they make a call to you even it increase the chances to receive more calls from your special ones when you set their favorite music as a caller tune.

If you feel unsure about selecting the perfect one caller tune then you should try the given list of trending tunes. There is a large compilation of songs you can find here on Airtel hello tunes if you are thinking about to set caller tune on your Airtel number. The songs you can find here include Bollywood, devotional, regional, classical and many more listed there. You need to pay some of the charges according to plan what you choose.

The charges applicable to purchase the particular tune, Rs. 15 per caller tune will be charged for 90 days. Then the hello tune subscription is 30 Rs for 30 days is required to pay. The subsequent fallback cost will be applied if customers don’t have sufficient balance in their account to fulfill the charges. Some steps are mentioned here that should be taken in use to set the caller or hello tune in Airtel –  

One can also try Jio Caller tune, it’s completely free and you can change any number of time without any cost.

There are few ways you can apply to activate the Airtel caller tune on your Airtel Number –

  • By using USSD code –

Firstly, you need to dial *678#. Now, a popup appears on your mobile screen. Hereafter, just enter the particular option for which you ask and at last, just press the send button.

  • Press 4, if search for hello tune and tap to the send button
  • Press 5, if search for Name tune and tap to the send button
  • Press 0, if search for ‘MORE’ options and tap to the send button
  • By using voice search –
  • First, you have to make a call on 543211. Now, it is quite essential for you to follow the given instructions on IVR. But here you need to pay the calling charges Rs.3 per minute. If you want to subscribe the Hello tunes you need to pay Rs.30 for 30 days.        
  • One another way you can try, you just make a call on 543215 then speak the name of the song or a movie for which you are looking to set your favorite caller or hello tune.
  • Now select the language. Afterward, you have to speak the name of music album or movie for which you intend to search. The system plays from here all the songs found one by one. So all you need to do is select the particular song which you like to set as your caller tune or hello tune.
  • By Airtel web service –

You can choose your favorite hello tune with the Airtel web service that comprises the song of Bollywood, instrumental, classical, devotional, international and lots more to be counted. Moreover, you can also search the caller tune as per your particular circle. You can also find some other categories including latest movies, legends and most downloaded besides music and language based genre. Here, you have to follow the below mentioned steps –

  • Firstly, you are required to open Airtel Hello tune web service then choose the song from the given list.
  • Now, press the icon ‘Get it’ to set the favorite hello tune
  • Afterward, type your Airtel mobile number to receive an OTP for the hello tune
  • At last, enter the received OTP on your mobile. The song has been set there as your caller tune or hello tune. You can confirm it by saying someone to call on your Airtel number.

Airtel caller tune number

It may bring a smile on your callers face when you greet them with a best hello tune. So if you intend to do this you are required to subscribe for the hello tune. All you need to do is, just call on 543211. Furthermore, you can also message on 543211. Meanwhile, you have to put the song code for which you are looking. But it is better to keep an appropriate amount else you may interact with some trouble while subscribing for the caller tune. You can also contact to the customer care if you still feel any kind of issue.   

How to deactivate caller tune in Airtel?

Caller tunes are getting very popular among people nowadays. Most of the time people get bored with the same ringtone and they consider deactivating the ringtone and look for the new one. We can try to disable it if we feel bored after using a specific caller tune for long days. But how can we deactivate our caller tune? It is quite simple to deactivate the caller tune and that can be done within minutes. There are three ways we can try to deactivate our Airtel hello tune from our Airtel number. If you want to unsubscribe the hello tune by an SMS then you can type STOP and send it to 543211. You can also call on 543211808 to deactivate your hello tune services. Likewise, you can also deactivate the caller tune service by using an USSD code where you have to dial *678#.   

Hope you get answer to all your queries related to Airtel Caller tune, now you can set your favourite song as a hello tune easily. If you have any issue, you can write in comment.

Set Jio Caller Tune [Remove, Change, Songs List]


Reliance Jio has changed the way of using a smartphone in India. It has offered cheap data; a group of great apps, free SMS, and calling to transform experience of a smartphone. Most of the people don’t know yet about the caller tunes which are offering by Jio for free. With Jio Tunes, you can set your favourite music as a caller tune from a large number of songs available. You are not required to contact Jio service portal for this, you can execute it at your own with Jio Music app. You can change the caller tunes as many times as preferred. But you get this service for free only when you have already activated any of the Jio tariff plan else Jio Tunes will get deactivated automatically.

Jio caller tune

How to Set Caller Tune in Jio

You can set the favourite song of your callers as your caller tune so that they will often like to call you. Now you can set your Jio caller tune without paying any charges. The caller tune you select can brings a smile on your caller’s face whenever they called you up. Jio is offering this service for free, currently without asking charges for this service.

There is a VAS (Value Added Service) namely Jio Tunes that allows people to set their favourite song as their caller tune. By which, all the callers who call on your number will hear the caller tune till the number is ringing. People can find a huge compilation of songs including Bollywood, regional, international, devotional etc. Here are some steps that people can apply to set the caller tune on their number for free –

There are three ways to activate the caller tune on your Jio Number –

  1. Steps to set Jio caller tune on your number with JioSavan App
  • Firstly, you have to download the Jio Music app which is renamed as JioSavan now from the Google Play Store or App store. Afterward, do sign-in on this app.
  • Now you are required to choose the desired song from the given list which you intend to set as a caller tune on your number.
  • At last, click on the icon “set as Jio Tune”. After activation, you will receive an SMS for the confirmation.
Jio caller tune on your number with JioSavan App

Steps to set Jio caller tune on your number with SMS

Firstly, you need to send a message “JT” to 56789 then follow the given instructions. Also, you can look at below formats to activate the caller tune of your favourite Album, Singer and Movie name.     

  • ALBUM <Album Name> then Send to 56789
  • SINGER <Singer Name> then Send to 56789
  • MOVIE <Movie Name> then Send to 56789

Steps to copy the other caller tune with a star button

  • To activate the same Jio Tune on your number as another Jio consumer, you have to press first the star (*) button before a call stops to ring.
  • You will receive a message from 56767 that will ask your permission
  • So you have to reply on this message with “Y” and later on, your preferred Jio Tune will be activated shortly for your Jio number.    

How to remove Jio caller tune?

We use caller tune for long days but when we get bored we think to deactivate this. But how this is feasible to remove Jio caller tune? It is quite easy to deactivate the caller tunes which you can deactivate within a few minutes. There are two ways to remove Jio caller tune from your Jio number either you can call or message.

If you prefer a message, just come to the message box of your phone then open the new message. Now you have to type “STOP” on the message box and send it to 56789.

If you want to choose another way, just call on 155223 from your Jio number then follow the instructions and select the option of JioTune Deactivate. Thereafter, your Jio caller tune will get deactivated.     

Jio caller tune songs list

JioSaavn is the best platform to get your favorite caller tunes. Here you find a song list that offers you a wide variety of songs to select for your caller tune. You can find here several genres including Bollywood, devotional, regional and lots more to be counted. So pick your favourite and set that as your caller tune.

How to change Jio caller tune?

Jio offers free caller tune number to their consumers but we get bored to hear often the older caller tune. You can think about to change your Jio caller tune with these mentioned few steps.

There are three ways to change Jio caller tune –  

By Jio caller tune app –

  • Firstly, users are required to download the Jio caller tune app then install it in their phone.
  • After installing, open this app and search the favorite song.   
  • You will find three dots appeared on the left side of the screen which is surrounded by a green color. So click here and you will get this.
  • Now click to the option which is “SET AS JIO TUNE”. Hereafter, a box will come, so click on the option “SET AS JIO TUNE” to change your Jio caller tune.
  • At last, you will get the confirmation SMS that will say “Done. Enjoy the Caller Tune”   

By SMS –

  • Firstly, users have to send the SMS to 56789 from their Jio mobile number.      
  • Now follow the format to search a song of particular

movie “MOVIE <movie name> to 56789”

album “ALBUM <album name> to 56789”

singer “SINGER <singer name> to 56789”

  • Hence, reply with a serial number of your favorite song. Then you will receive an SMS so replay with 1.
  • You will get a confirmation so you need to replay with “Y”.
  • At last, you will get a final confirmation within a minute.

By Jio caller tune code

  • Here you have to call a Jio user and that user must be used the Jio caller tune.
  • You can hear the caller tune when calling that user and if that caller tune you like then you can press the star button (*) to make yours that Jio caller tune.
  • You will receive a confirmation message within a few minutes.

Jio caller tune number

You have to send an SMS to activate the Jio caller tune –

From a movie, “MOVIE <movie name> to 56789”

From an album, “ALBUM <album name> to 56789”

From a singer, “SINGER <singer name> to 56789”

If want to deactivate the Jio caller tune, SMS “STOP” then send to 56789